The 9 Procedures of Marriage Ceremony Based on Batak Culture


What are the 9 marriage procedures in Toba Batak culture? On the Batak Toba marriage is a major event, inviting the hulahula, boru, dongan tubu and dongan sahuta as witnesses the prevailing custom. In Batak Toba culture,custom marriage shall be established for indigenous peoples on the basis of Dalihan Na Tolu, i.e. Somba Marhula-hula, Manat Mardongan Tubu, Elek Marboru. In Batak Toba, the bond of marriage is very strong so it’s not easy to get divorced because in marriage is found in many people involved and responsible in it. As for the marriage normally based on past Customs is following the marriage of the stages below:

1. Mangaririt
Mangaririt is the event of choosing the girl that would be his wife,based on his own and his family’s criteria. The event mangaririt is done if the groom is the wandered that has no time to find his own wife by himself, so when the boys came home, then the parent and other family that matches with it find the woman that would be his wife, but woman who look for should be in accordance with the boy’s and his family’s criteria.

2. Mangalehon Tanda
Mangalehon Tanda means a sign giving when men found women as candidates for his wife, then both of them went on to give a sign. Men usually give money to women while women submit gloves fabrics to men, after that the men and women that have been involved with each other. The man then tells it to his parents, the elderly man would tell the mediator or domu-domu that has binded the promise with his daughter

3. Marhusip
Marhusip meaning whispers, but the sense in this writing is the closed meeting or it can also be called negotiations or talks between the envoys family prospective groom with representatives of the bride’s parents, regarding the amount of dowry which must be provided by the party of the man who would be handed over to the women. The results of the talks has not yet been needed to know by the public because of possible failures in keeping reach Word agreed. Marhusip are usually held at the home of the woman. Domu-domu prospective groom would explain the intent of their arrival at the bride’s relatives.

marriage ceremony in Batak Toba

For Bataknese, Martumpol is the same with having engagement however literally martumpol is the event when the two bridegroom bound their promise of having a marriage in front of the church. Martumpol was attended by the parents of both the bride and their relatives with the invitation that is usually held in church, because that event is mostly held by the Batak Toba Christian.

5. Marhata Sinamot
Marhata sinamot usually held after the event of giving the jambar. Marhata sinamot is discussing how much the sinamot of men is, what animals that slaughtered is, how many invitations is, how many th ulos is and where the marriage ceremony will be held. Event marhata sinamot can also be considered as the official introductions between elderly men with the elderly women. The dowry is given the man is usually in the form of a money dowry amount was specified through the bargaining

6. Martonggo Raja
In the community of Batak Toba, the marriage isn’t the business of the parents only, but also the whole family, therefore the parents of the brides will gather all the family members in their each house and present in this ceremony paricularly concerning the Dalihan Na Tolu namely hula-hula, boru, and dongan sahuta.

7. Marunjuk
Marujuk is a time during the marriage ceremony, there are two kinds of of the marriage system according Batak Toba culture which are alap and taruhon jual. Alap jual is a Batak Toba marriage ceremony where the marriage took place in the place of the woman.

The bride was picked up by the groom with parents, relatives and the invitation to the home of his parents. The groom is often called the term mangalap boru (pick up the bride). In this event, the whole steps of the ceremony will be held such as eating sibuhai-buhai, the jambar divided and mangulosi.

8. Paulak Une
This event is inserted as a step to both parties free mutual been visiting after a few days ago after the ceremony of marriage is usually conducted a week after the ceremony of marriage , the party of the bridegroom and her kinfolk , with a bride go to the party parents party of the bride .
This is a chance the women may know that their daughter like to live in her mother-in-law’s house

9. Maningkir Tangga
Maningkir Tangga is the event when the party of women went to visit his bride male party at home, where they eat together and have the jambar divisions. In fact maningkir tangga is intended to be the women directly seen from the circumstance of his daughter and her husband because after all they have been bound by ties and give advice and guidance to the bride in building households.

Agreement on social values which are the basis for many important groups, especially in marriage. Each couple’s marriage had its own cultural values, the things that are considered important by the respective parties. Rarely it is agreed upon in its entirety. Each pair can be different wishes in determining things like financial management, recreation, religion, the way of showing affection, relationships with their daughter-in-law, and ordinances.

The social values covering various patterns of behavior. The most important value is the marriage itself. Basically, the attitude towards marriage, such as a value is often a deciding factor in the success of a marriage. For most people, marriage is their only most important value, and they will do everything they can do to adjust satisfactorily.

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