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The 9 Procedures of Marriage Ceremony Based on Batak Culture

Posted on 29 March 2012 by Ike Napitu

What are the 9 marriage procedures in Toba Batak culture? On the Batak Toba marriage is a major event, inviting the hulahula, boru, dongan tubu and dongan sahuta as witnesses the prevailing custom. In Batak Toba culture,custom marriage shall be established for indigenous peoples on the basis of Dalihan Na Tolu, i.e. Somba Marhula-hula, Manat Mardongan Tubu, Elek Marboru. In Batak Toba, the bond of marriage is very strong so it’s not easy to get divorced because in marriage is found in many people involved and responsible in it. As for the marriage normally based on past Customs is following the marriage of the stages below: Continue Reading

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