Samosir Island: Nominated on Liputan6 Awards


Towards to the Liputan6 Awards 2012, yesterday afternoon, (at 12 pm, Sunday, May 06th 2012), SCTV, the Liputan6 Awards 2012 holder, presented the inspiring men of Indonesia.

There is a coverage related to the Liputan6 Awards which on the news at noon of SCTV, presented a Batak man, well known as Togu Simorangkir, who cares about the environment. He is one of the inspiring men of Indonesia that nominated on Liputan6 Awards. He dedicates his life in a village in Samosir Island. He asks and teaches the children there to take more care and to love the environment.

On that coverage, you may see there are many activists, children and the green loers collect the rubbish. They clean the street to SopoBelajar (read: Learning Place) in Lontung village, Samosir Island. They did it on the Earth’s Day, last 22nd of April, 2012.

“I just want to let them know about the environmentally conscious activities since they were a child. It is so important, remembering they are the candidate for leader of the insightful environment on the next future,” Togu said. During his dedicating, he has built Sopo Belajar (read: Learning Place) with hundreds children in it.

The understaffed volunteer becomes the constraint of building the other Sopo Belajar in the other region of Samosir Island. Togu said that it is so difficult to find the right man who wants to live in the village and share the knowledge to the children. But, it never stop Togu’s step. He has so many dreams need to be made into a real.

If you didn’t watch the coverage that I talked above, below, Gobatak provides you the coverage:

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