Raise the History about the Old Bunker from the Colonial-Era in Sidamanik


Simalungun – There is something interesting, actually, there is s historical sites that are almost forgotten during this time in Tigabolon, Sidamanik, Simalungun. That historycal sites is the remain of the Dutch Colonialism Era.

Based on Wikipedia, Bunker is a strong building that used as a protection and military place and made specifically in the region of war. It was usually built underground.There are  many  bunkers built during World War I and World War II.

At least there are 6 bunkers near the airfield of The Air Force in Tiga Bolon. As Gobatak adapted from SIB, Sunday (01/04/2012),Gunung Samosir, the ex-head office of Tigabolon that ever lead for 5 periods, admit that the Bunker was made at 1940s. The six bunkers that have been visited is full of the bushes.
During his adoloscense, Gunung Samosir said that he and his friends saw there were cave and tunnels. “But not yet certain of the existence of the caves and tunnels is around building Bunkers. Should be investigated further to make sure,” add Gunung Samosir.
“Need more serious survey and examination,”said Manaor Silalahi,the head of Sidamanik, when he and Rudi Siahaan,the head of Tigabolon, visited the bunkers and the other historycal sites, Sunday, (25/03/2012). At least the survey is done by the experts of the history and Archeology Agency.

Manaor Sidamnik plan to propose a cooperation  and a cordinating with the parting of the Tigabolon Air Force to build roads access along 1500 meters to the location of the airfield and open the path to the location of the tunnels and bunkers and make a fence on the each historycal site.
If the plan was soon realized, of course the location of Airfield, Bunker and building historical relics will be making lists of tourist area in Simalungun especially in Tigabolon, Sidamanik.

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