Pinang Tree: A Must Item for Independence Day of Indonesia


Every years, people celebrate the Independence Day with their own ways, and they always have great idea how to celebrate it. Just similarly this year, to celebrate the 67th years of Indonesia Independence Day, people in Kelurahan Kristen, Pematangsiantar, have their own way to celebrate. They had so many events to celebrate it, but yea, as usual, “Climb the Pinang Tree” was the great moment, that everybody waited for.
On that tree, hang up the prizes, such as the school bag, dustbin, dipper, and junk food such as instant noodle and cash. Those prizes were from the people who donates thing even money for this event.

It was about 500 people gather there in the yard to watch the “Climb the Pinang Tree” which was joint of 3 boys groups from Kelurahan Kristen. It was so crowd while they were trying to reach the prizes and the audiences yelled and shouted. It was really difficult because the tree have smeared with fat first before the competition is started. The sense and cooperation participants very determining their success in this event.

It was needed about an hour to get the top of the tree. The most interesting thing in this event is the effort that they have to take to reach the tree. This attraction was really attracting the people and occur the yell, shouting, and laughing. Imagine, how slippery it is!

To watch that event, you may watch the video coverage that we have covered here for you:


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