Peter from England, Became the new member of Harianja’s Family after Had Mangain


On last Saturday, April 28th 2012, a man from England, well known as Peter Alastair Lancaster, got Harianja as his surname after he held Mangain, a traditional ceremony of Batak Toba. Now, He is legally adopted as the new member of BV. Harianja/ Tiurma br. Situmorang’s family.

Mangain was held in Cengkeh Street 10, Tanjung Sari, Medan. There were the big family of Harianja coming, both from Medan and Samosir. It was started with the short worship which then continued with the main custom show that attended by the hula-hula, parboru, dongan sabutuha or dongan sahuta.

adat mangain

You may get the video that provided by GobatakTV supported by TELKOM SPEEDY. Click Here

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