Mejan, the Mystic Sculpture from Pakpak


West Pakpak – Pakpak people has their own handicraft, well known as “Mejan”. Mejan are the engraving sculptures which are considered have magic power. And of course, Pakpak people are so proud having Mejan.

Gobatak gather with Yetty Aritonang, in a Visit Huta 2012 program, when we visited West Pakpak and saw one of the Mejan there. It was not so far from Lae Mbilulu Waterfall –that we ever told you earlier-. It is in Prongil village, Tinada subdistrict.

Fortunately, the location of the Mejan is till on the same road with the Lae Mbilulu Waterfall, so we found it not too hard to get there. Briefly, as we found that, lae Mbilulu Waterfall and Mejan, our journey can be represented by both of those regions, nearby Sidikalang, Dairi District.

Actually, West Pakpak has so many attractive resorts, but, we found the difficulty here. There is no way direction there. This is the problem. We were sure, if there is no villager helped us, we have to never meet Mejan. Grass of pampas thrives and covering an area with iro. There are so many grasses thrive there and covering the Mejan.

Mejan from West Pakpak mejan from pakpak mejan, pakpak

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As Ernis Sinamo (65) said to Gobatak, nowadays, nobody visit Mejan gain. He said that formerly, there are so many sculptures there, but nowadays, we just find many of them. Formerly, there is human sculpture which rides on the horse, the other rides the elephant, beside it, there are many pots as storage of the ashes of the dead body. The magic will work if there is the visitor who has bad intention come to. The Mejan will eject signs, such as the sounds and the smoke, so that the bad visitor will get frightened.

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Actually, West Pakpak has so many attractive resorts. Apart from what I’ve told you about, there are hundreds in Ulu Merah Village, Mejan Solin in Natam Pakpak, and Lae Une Waterfall in Kecupak Village.

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