“Lae Mbilulu” Waterfall: What a Great Wonderful Waterfall is This!!!


After our long journey from Sidikalang –needs 2 hours long to reach this place from Sidikalang-, we arrive in West Pakpak Region. We have to pass both of ravine and canyons, completed with the sharp turns along the road so that we can get into the place. Then, we found the written sign: “Objek Wisata Air Terjun Lae Mbilulu” (read: “Lae Mbilulu Waterfall”) on the roadside. By seeking that, Yetty Aritonang decided to visit that waterfall. Yes, she was interested in it.


Then, we found a sign again, wrote: “Objek Wisata Air Terjun lae Mbilulu” (read: “lae Mbilulu Waterfall”) at the roadside in Tinada Subdistrict. We were guided to go to the left side, and actually, the waterfall is in a village, known as Prongil Village.

We felt so tired at the time, so we decided to have a rest and a cup of coffee in a villager’s coffee shop. There, we used the time to ask many things about the waterfall. Shortly after that, while we’re still there, the head of village came riding his motorcycle. Known he is the head of village, Yetty Aritonang welcomed him and said “Njuahjuah Puhun” (read: Hello Uncle) and shook his hand.

He is Daulat Sinaga, the man who has been the head of village for about 5 years long. He was willing to accompany our Gobatak Visit Huta team reached to the Lae Mbilulu Waterfall. At the time, we found the villagers were cleaning the waterfall area and measuring the area as large as 4 hectares. Daulat told us that the government plan to manage that resort area themselves.

We have to pass the narrow street to reach the waterfall. Actually, we had heard the gargling sound of water clearly even since we were in the end of the paved roadway of the Prongil village. It was a declining walkway, and we could see there are the villagers worked repairing the road. It needed more careful to reach the waterfall area. When we went there, the suspension new repairable bridge is in unserviceable, the giant tree striking on it, and made one of the iron rope of the that prop the bridge broke away. So, Daulat asked us to across one by one.

What a beautiful sense we got at the time! We never imagined that actually, there is twin waterfall there!!! That was really a great naturally, without other retouching. Such a hidden amazing grace, the cool water made the air became cooler.

Waterfall waterfall

According to us, that Lae Mbilulu Waterfall is suitable to be developed as the resort area. This will be able to increase the income for both the villagers and the region itself.

There was a legend said that in one of those waterfall, there is a crab as a winnowing size. Want to experience the fresh and natural of this waterfall? Just come and visit. You will get the great fresh nature then.

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