Jean Juge: This is The First Time I drink Tuak


Jean Juge, the man from French, have visited Samosir Island for the second times after nine years ago. On the last 14th of July 2011,he and his family visited and arounded the Samosir Island to enjoy the natural scenery in Toba Lake.


Jean Juge Drank Tuak


That was the first time Jean Juge drink tuak when we arrived and had a some rest in Huta Harianja Samosir. “It’s smell and taste is a little unique but I like it because it is processed naturally without the mixture of other matter, beside it, the alcohol obtain of this is not so high,” he said while he drank.

It was unexpected that this guy love the Batak drinking. The tour was continued, Yetty Aritonang,his wife, exlained him how the tuak is made. It was taken from the palm tree without mix with other matter. Jean want to know more about the tree that his wife  told about.

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