How to Wear the “Tudung”, the Hood of Karo Women


“Tudung” (Hood) is the headband which is used by the Karo women. It made of the traditional fabric of Karo, well known as Uis. Uis has so many types and design. As time progress, it has spread out and has different name in some part of Karo land. Well, now we find the different name for Uis at each different place in Karo. Each name of Uis has so meant for the user.

The ordinary “tudung”, it is without gold threads, used to wearing by the women in village to cover their head in  village while they do they activities, for example, in garden and farm. Meanwhile, for any celebration and cultural event, women of Karo used to wearing the special one, with special design and gold threads.
This “tudung” has unique process in making, even now, not carelessly people can make this hood. Not only in making process, but also in wearing process, we need a little effort to get it right. It has so many way to wear.

Below, we provide you the video coverage of boru Simbolon in Karo Lingga Museum that will help you to know you about how to wear this “tudung”:

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