Have Fun on Independence Day: Eggplant Soccer


Indonesian have so many ways to celebrate the Independence Day. Like this one. I don’t know did you ever watch this one, but in our Pematangsiantar, this is one of the great thing that we took to celebrate our 67th Independence Day. This is the unique competition, where mothers play soccer, with the eggplant that tied round their waist, they have to use this eggplant to “kick the ball and make goal”. Guess what. This is one of the funny competition that mos love. This can entertain and you can see smiles and laughs on their face -even the participants laughed-. This year, this competition was joint by the same mothers with the last 2011.

Below, we provide you the video coverage of this funny competition that was held in Kelurahan Kristen, Pematangsiantar, last 17th of August 2012:

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