Gobatak Green Project: the Alternative Solution

green project

It turns out that actually, there are so many things we can get as the alternative solution for us that we can take from our surrounding as the source. Right now, Gobatak with the creative team try to find some of the solutions that can be applied in daily lives.
We run this Gobatak Green Project for finding the best solution, the simple and easy one, to solve the problem that we usually find in our daily lives – you knew the most crucial problem in our lives now a days, such as natural resources and energy crisis. Below, we write down the problems that we usually find in our daily lives:

Energy problems: The producing of oil and petroleum reach the climax and tend to be decline. Beside it, the waste that is one of the very harmful gas that occur the pollution in environment. And yea, can’t be denied, CO2 is dangerous for people and environment. Meanwhile, the latest inventories that made to save this earth, are not used optimally yet . The other energy such as hydrogen, water, geothermal and others are still considered as the alternative energy, which is the using is not optimal yet.

Water: The producing of clean water have a decline too, as we can see, there is pollutions in every rivers anywhere, the pollution is from the industry waste, and from the farm.  The way to solve this problem is by preservative the strut water area and stop the pollution.

Rubbish: Not all people consider about this one. We sometimes never care about the rubbish and the waste that we have daily. We can find this problem everywhere, especially in the big and crowd town. The rubbish and wastes that are not handled well will bring bad effect with the body health and environment also. Everybody knows that well, but they never care about it. just know, without any acts to solve. So far, they consider the rubbish as the loathing thing which is dirty and bad smell. Whereas, rubbish contains alternative energy potentials and can be used to be the organic fertilizer. But let we see around us, there are so many people stay with the old considering, and forget about this thing.

The next problem that we may see and find is in the farms. We can see they, the farmer use the chemical fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides that we already knew they are harmful to our health. Beside bringing bad effect with our health, this chemical can reduce the fertility rate that soil has. There are so many roves we can find that said and shown us about the best thing what organic fertilizer can do.

We get the source for this projects from the experiences of many people in real and online resources that contain the text guideline or video as the tutorial.

We hope this Gobatak Green Project can help and be the partner for the government, private and citizens in reaching the potential of the alternative energy to solve this problem of environment.

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