Fitri, the Youngest Participant of “Swim to Share”


Parapat-The event acrossing Toba Lake for getting fund to build Learning House in Samosir was at Saturday, 21 of July 2012. There were five participants and they were success acrossing Toba Lake. They took about 5 hours long to across about 9 km, from Pantai Bebas Parapat to Tuktuk.
Medical team hold phsycal exam to make sure all those participants are OK for that crazy action. There is Fitri Gultom, the youngest participant of “Swim to Sharei”. She is 23 years old. Meanwhile, there are 4 other, Togu Simorangkir (36), Thomas Heinle (49), Annette Horschmann (44) and Ronald Gembira Manurung (32).

Fitri, the youngest participant fitri, the youngest participant Fitri Gultom, youngest participant of Berenang untuk Berbagi
Fitri Gultom was the particpant who came without any preparation. She decided to swim at 06.00am, means it was about one half hour before the event started. “Can I follow swimming?” asked her to the committee. Whereas, she was one of the committee.
That Batak woman is a teacher for one of private school in Pematangsiantar. She acrossed Toba Lake in 5 hours long. “I’m so happy joining this event. Moreover, this is held for children education funding in Samosir. Hopefully, there would be more people who donate the Learning House establishment,” said her to

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