Fishing in Aek Godang


It must be fun for people who loves fishing. But,do you know where the Aek Godang is? Well, Aek Godang is the river that originates from two major streams in Tarutung. Aek Situmandi and Aek Sigeaon are united in Batang Toru village. The united of these two streams called Aek Godang.

Aek Godang is an extended water flow and winding twist. There are so many kinds of fish here, such as gold fish,ihan (a typical fish of Batak), pora-pora fish, and others. And, the most popular and interested for the fisher is fishing IHAN BATAK.

Ihan Batak is well-known so sacred. It is usually used to be served on Batak’s custom event as Dekke Upaupa. Ihan Batak lives in the flow of torrents to find it’s food,and find for it’s home in the bottom of the river.

Our coverage of this time is about fishing in Aek Godang with a family and the local community. We went to Huta Pea Sinabulan,it is about 3-5 km from Huta Parbubu. Baid used in fishing is so various, sliced cassava, fried banana, tempe insects, and so on.

Finally,after waiting for an hour,we got the fish,but it was small,it was about one ounce. They said that it wasn’t our sustenance, means, we didn’t get the big one. But, it was so fun. If you want to fish ihan in the fllow of torrents, please visit Tarutung and feel the new experience there. Have a nice holiday…

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