Batak Opera Tour “Mencari Si Jonaha”


The training center of Batak Opera (PLOt) soon will presents a stage tour of Batak opera show (kind of traditional opera) in 7 town of Sumatera and Java island respectively, within March to April 2012.

The opera its self will bring a theme which the title is “Mencari Si Jonaha” performed by PLOt’s members. The history of “Mencari si Jonaha” are the result of a research conducted by Mr. Jhon Fawer Siahaan and Mr. Adi Damanik at Simalungun area. Both of them are PLOt’s members. Meanwhile, the synopsis had arranged by Mr. Thompson HS, and he is also acting as the director to the opera.

After having some discussions, the committee has decided to perform the show at the some cities starting from Pematang Siantar.

Here is the schedule of the show:
1.    Pematang Siantar, March 24th, 2012
2.    Bandar Lampung, March 31st to April 1st 2012
3.    Jakarta, April 3rd 2012
4.    Bandung, April 5th 2012
5.    Yogyakarta, April 6th 2012
6.    Solo, April 7th 2012
7.    Surabaya, April 9th 2012

Mr. Alister Nainggolan and Mr. Zulkaidah Harahap, as the Batak opera experts, also support the team and dedicate their thoughtful experiences into the show.

There are also some unnamed young Batak peoples who was dedicates their time and skills to succeed the opera, and most of them has trained in the training center in 2008. The opera team member not only dominated by Batak peoples. There are few other ethnics who involved as the team such as Melayu, Gayo, an Java as well.

Beside opera, the committee also planned to presents a documentary film tells about Batak opera as the opening of the show. These documentary film produced by Mr. Andi Hutagalung. The film has won runner up on the Bali Festival Film Documenter and UI Festival Film Documenter on the last 2011. (rewritten by: Bie’S/

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