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GoBatak.com is a site that contains collections of data about the object of tourist attractions in the region of Northern Sumatra which covers an area of Toba, Simalungun, Mandailing, Karo, Pakpak and other regions which are the areas of dissemination of Batak Society and Culture.
The object of tourist attractions which is featured in this site comes from the region that is believed that society and culture of Batak ever existed or are growing and developing in that particular area.

Gobatak is for all Batak people in the entire world. With aim through the publication of the natural beauty of Northern Sumatera, the historical legends, and through the publication of Batak cultural distinctiveness, Batak land and its culture could be known, appreciated, understood, and is visited not only by Batak people themselves but also by people of other nations in the world.
Gobatak necessarily also promotes tourism in Northern Sumatra in an effort to build a mutual understanding of culture among nations in the world, to carry on the preservation of natural resources, to maintain historical and cultural heritage, and to encourage the economic prosperity of local communities by tourism visits.

Gobatak english version is made to provide information globally concerning arts, culture and tourism of Batak land in English. We hope all the information in this website can add insight and knowledge about the culture of Batak people, especially in Northern Sumatra which comprises five ethnic Batak; Toba, Simalungun, Mandailing, Karo, and Pakpak.

Gobatak.com always provides information about the object of tourist attractions which is divided into ten categories, such as; Nature tourism, historical tours, cultural tourism, spiritual tourism, culinary tours, sport tours, shopping tours, general tourism and other tourist. Each category will be described into more detailed sub-categories so that the scope becomes very wide and comprehensive.

In the delivery of information will be described through a structured writing ranging from introductory information, features, location, access, entrance fees, supporting facilities to the other supplementary information to allow readers around the world obtain adequate data about the object of tourist attractions in Batak Land. All information submitted is original including pictures and videos from all the places we’ve ever visited in several locations in the area of Northern Sumatra.

Gobatak.com certainly needs support from all readers who care about the development of natural resources, history, and sociocultural of Batak to fulfill completeness and accuracy of the presented data. Photographs and videos data as well as articles that we submitted could be used by each visitor as widely as possible by stating gobatak.com website as the source.

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