Batak People Form Toba Land always says Horas?

batak people said HORAS
batak people said HORAS

Batak people, especially from the Toba Batak, each met with each other always say “Horas“. But why must said “Horas“? Let’s understanding Beyond The Word “Horas”. Batak people of Northern Sumatra, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake within the world. It offers a tremendous vista and fascinating cultural heritage.

Horas is regularly greeting commonly used by the Batak people, especially in Tapanuli or Toba, a regency of North Sumatra and in the course of the Batak traditional ceremonies. The true that means of Horas is tough to translate without understanding the Batak’s philosophy. Anyhow, listed below are the everyday translations:

How are you?
Wishing you a good well being
Good morning/afternoon/night
Introductory phrase

The word “Horas” truly comes from a traditional Batak philosophy called Dalihan Na Tolu.

Batak’s Dalihan Na Tolu portrays the intimate inner relationship from the Batak’s three familial societies and prays for everybody to at all times be “Horas-Horas.” The three familial societies are:

batak people said HORAS
batak people said HORAS


Hula-Hula: Family of the wife
Dongan Tubu: The long patriarch line from the nice grandfather to the great grandson
Boru: Women of the patriarch line, sisters and their husbands’ households

The Bataks believe in a respectful and loving relationship with all three familial societies to be able to be “Horas Horas” and to keep away from misfortune to the family. Probably, the most fascinating aspect about the Batak custom is that they do not contemplate one’s standing, position or wealth.

They strongly imagine within the Dalihan Na Tolu philosophy and all males within the society are within the three familial societies depending on the situation and condition. This teaches all Bataks to stay in easy, gentle and caring lives.

Don’t you think it’s great? We are able to see and be taught many philosophical insights from only one traditional Batak phrase, Horas.

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